The Centrality of the Gospel in a Distracted World

Dr. Stephen Um and Dr. Richard Lints recently published an article in The Gospel Coalition's Blog regarding the comprehensiveness of the gospel and how we must be careful not to simplify our understanding the gospel.  Here is an excerpt of the article:

The Bible uses different word pictures to articulate the breadth and depth of the gospel. The language of the law court (justification, punishment, judgment) illuminates the fundamentally moral character of redemption. The language of the temple (atonement, sacrifice, sanctification) highlights the mystery of the universal presence of God as creator interwoven into the local presence of God as redeemer. The language of the family (adoption, bride and bridegroom) explores the central relational quality of God’s dealing with his creatures. The language of the marketplace (ransom and possession) captures the dynamic of God’s ownership of his people in all of life.