Prayers of the People: 3.10.11


Each week, we will post a prayer that has been prayed at Citylife Presbyterian Church of Boston called the "Prayers of the People." We desire for these prayers to be kingdom-centered prayers and hope that they will be an encouragement to you.
Our Father, it is fitting to sing your praises as a people and as a church.  You are the healer of the brokenhearted, the one who binds the wounds of those stricken by grief.  You are the determiner of the stars, giving to each their name.  Our Lord, you are great, abundant in power, possessing an understanding which is beyond measure.  You are worthy of our worship, of our adoration, of our very lives.  Enable us to offer these things freely, without regard and without expected return, so that we might understand the freedom of knowing and being known by you.
Gracious Lord, we ask that you remain as our refuge, strength, and present help.  You are near to those who call out to you, and so we lift our voices while we bow our heads.  Protect this church, dear Lord, from that which could fracture and divide us.  We pray against apathy and sloth – for the gospel is too wonderful to be received half-heartedly.  Grant unto us a passionate pursuit of your character.  Protect us from pride and arrogance and in so doing, fill our mouths with words of repentance and confession.  Protect us from complacency, from entertaining sin, from ignoring the needs around us.  But work the accomplishments of Christ deeper into the fabric of our very souls.
Our Father, we ask that you teach us not to fear, even though the earth gives way and the mountains are moved.  We pray for the areas of the globe groaning under the restraint of sin.  We pray specifically for a mighty movement of your Spirit in Haiti as we continue to remember the loss of our fellow man.  Be to them, and to us, a God of grace.  Extend your mercy through the hands of those who bring water, food, medicine, and deep compassion.  Build up your church in that broken country, so that salvation might come to many.  For these and many unspoken requests we pray, in the name of our Redeemer and Friend, Jesus Christ, Amen.