Asian-American Christian Thought and Theological History

Stephen Um and Julius Kim will team up to lead a workshop at this year's The Gospel Coalition's National Conference next month on the topic: Asian-American Christian Thought and Theological History: Pastoral Implications for Diversity and Innovation in a Multiracial Church.  Click here to read an interview that serves as a preview to this seminar.

Here's a preview of this workshop:


Who is this workshop aimed at? What do you hope people take away from your workshop?

It is our hope that church leaders (pastors, seminarians, lay leaders) from both Asian American and other multiracial contexts will come and dialogue with us about what we can do to help foster more gospel-centered churches and leaders for the glory of God and the extension of his kingdom. We’ll talk about history, culture, and ministry implications. Practically, we’re excited about the kinds of networks and resources that may emerge through conversations like this one.