Generous Justice

Tim Keller’s new book, Generous Justice: How God’s Grace Makes Us Just, is due out on Tuesday, November 2. Kevin DeYoung recently interviewed Tim Keller on his new book.  Here’s an excerpt from that interview: Doing justice means giving people their due. On the one hand that means restraining and punishing wrongdoers. On the other […]

Bringing Renewal to Cities with the Gospel

At the most recent Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization (Lausanne III) in Cape Town, South Africa, Dr. Timothy Keller gave an address on how the gospel can make an impact in cities all across the world.  Watch the video below.  Original link here. Tim Keller Argues For Churches In Cities [Lausanne] from Kenny Jahng on […]

A Thought about Science and the Mind

  In Marilynne Robinson’s Absence of Mind, she tackles the “parascientific” reduction of the mind. She cites E. O. Wilson from his book Consilience saying, All that has been learned empirically about evolution in general and mental process in particular suggests that the brain is a machine assembled not to understand itself, but to survive. Because these […]

Flesh and Spirit, Part 3

Part 1, Part 2 In the last post, we discussed the prominence of features in this piece that seem to point to the idea of solo. As we look at how these solo elements are distributed, however, other patterns begin to show themselves. Firstly, we notice that the presence of such weighty cadenzas in the outer […]

On Ministry and Revolving Doors, Part 4

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 IV. Practical Suggestions for Mobility A. IDOLATRIES 1. Preach consistently, often to all of these idolatries: money, escapism, status seeking, approval, etc. Money a stewardship (money as a means); Vision cast to de-commodify and revive personhood. 2. Active social justice ministries: you’re confronted with your own idolatries to money, wealth, materialism, etc. 3. Stewardship seminars 4. Professional […]