An Ethic for the 20-Something?

  Recently Robin Marantz Henig wrote an article for the New York Times Magazine entitled “What Is It about 20-Somethings?” In the article, she explains the trend of adults in their 20’s who are taking longer (or failing altogether) to reach various milestones of adulthood – along with the concern that many have about the trend.  […]

Different religious leaders training in one school

This upcoming fall, Claremont School of Theology will be being the "University Project," which will integrate the education of ministers, rabbis and Muslim religious leaders. Time magazine recently published an article describing this initiative. Here is an excerpt from that piece: The project hatched naturally from Claremont's desire to engage southern California's religiously diverse population. "We're […]

Gospel-Shaped Worship, Part 2

Part 1   For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness. (Ps 84:10)   If there is one thing we can say without qualification about worship, it is that worship must be unflinchingly […]

Gospel-centered Counseling

Mike Emlet, counselor and faculty member at CCEF, writes a succinct article about how counseling from a gospel-centered framework is not disregarding principles and commands, but rather reinforces them.   Here is an excerpt from his article: If we don’t ultimately view the Bible as an unfolding, cohesive story of God’s redemption that comes to completion […]

The Role of Christianity and the Chinese Economy

An interview done by FRONTLINE/World reporter Evan Osnos with Zhao Xiao, a prominent Chinese economist who has gained attention for arguing that China’s economy would benefit from the spread of Christianity. Interestingly enough, just recently, China was reported to have surpassed Japan as the 2nd largest economy in the world. 

Church Not Cool Anymore?

Brett McCracken recently wrote an article for The Online Wall Street Journal regarding how certain churches are trying to be more "cool" for the purpose of engaging their people.   Here's McCracken's conclusion: If we are interested in Christianity in any sort of serious way, it is not because it's easy or trendy or popular. […]

Political Hopes and Co-opted Gospels

Recently two items reminded me of the importance of distinguishing the gospel from various socio-political agendas.    First, Amy Greene recently wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times entitled “Campaigning to the Choir.” She talks about the invocation of Christian belief in the Tennessee gubernatorial race. But she recalls her own upbringing in the church […]