End of Life Issues

As Christians, how should we respond to difficult end-of-life questions? How should the gospel inform our decisions? Atul Gawande has a well written essay where he raises some of the complexities of end-of-life questions in this week’s publication of the New Yorker.

No Atheists in Foxholes

How can churches incarnate the Gospel in their communities in touch economic times? Why do people from different socio-economic classes tend to be drawn to different types of churches? Newsweek recently published an interesting article that talks about the relationship between the climate of the economy with church attendance.  Below is an excerpt. The interplay […]

An Atypical Response to Gang Violence

The city of Boston is taking on a rather innovative approach to combatting gang violence.  You can read more here. Here's a quote from the article: Officials say this plan is more unifying and comprehensive than past plans to combat violence with social services. It approaches gang violence as a public health concern rather than […]

The Moral Naturalists

Read the recent piece from David Brooks, which gives insights into the mind of the moral naturalist and their position.  

Short-term Mission Trip vs. Long-term Missions

There is ongoing discussion on the actual value of short-term mission trips and whether or not churches ought to reconsider sending their people to other parts of the world for weeks or months.  Here is a online conversation going on right now. A helpful resource to consider reading is David Livermore's, Serving with Eyes Wide […]

Pastors Getting Out of the Office

Justin Buzzard has written an insightful piece, entitled "Go to Where Your Men Work," which is directed at pastors on how to care for the men in their congregations.  The title is a concise summary of what he is trying to communicate, but I particularly appreciated these words,   Always speak out against the “higher […]

On Ministry and Revolving Doors, Part 2

Part 1 II. Features of Mobility in Today’s Culture: A. Social upward mobility [i] (effects fundamental social structures of people, class, and culture)-[Intra-generational mobility, egality and meritocracy] (definition: The ability of individuals or groups to move upward or downward in status based on wealth, occupation, education, or some other social variable–an individual’s social status can change throughout the […]