Sentimentality and the Lies that Blind Us

  At First Things, Joe Carter has written an excellent piece entitled “Thomas Kinkade’s Cottage Fantasy.” In the article, he highlights some of the early work by Thomas Kinkade – admirable in many ways – and contrasts it with his later work that gained him so much financial success. His describes the change in Kinkade’s work as […]

Gospel-Shaped Worship, Part 1

For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness. (Psalm 84:10) Worship is the point of life.[1] It is the single activity that we know unites human life from its origin to its end. Life began […]

Understanding God’s Plan: A Sketch of Covenant Theology, Part 9

  In conclusion, covenant theology provides the framework for the structure of Scripture and the basic grid through which the gospel is communicated. The Bible opens with a record of God’s covenant with Israel in the Pentateuch. The historical books serve as a covenant record – preserved by the prophets (2Chr 29:29). The psalms and wisdom literature embody […]

Flesh and Spirit

I. Mobility and Urbanization in the Early Church 1 The entire book of Acts describes the development and geographic expansion of the NT church and its western Diaspora which faced the issues of mobility, globality, urbanality, and religious plurality. A.  Wayne Meeks 2 (Mobility) “‘The guiding thread for every history of earliest Christianity is the irresistible expansions of the Christian […]

Understanding God’s Plan: A Sketch of Covenant Theology, Part 8

Continued from Part 6 Part 7: Covenant & Individual Salvation With the eternal covenant between the Father and Son completed and a people claimed for himself, the promise of the covenant – originally through works, now through grace – comes to us: the promise of life.    The Spirit is the very source of life […]

“Where is the Wisdom We Have Lost in Knowledge?”

Recently I heard that many ministers – established and (by most any standard) successful ministers – have decided to shorten their sermons. They want to shorten them for one reason: their congregations struggle to stay focused for as long as they used to be able. From any number of directions we are receiving warnings that the more […]

How to Listen to a Sermon

From the Twitterverse, @PastorMark shares a fine little gem from George Whitefield explains how to listen to a sermon. Click here to read.  Yes! We are on Twitter! If you like to follow us, find us at tcfgc. Thanks!