O For A Closer Walk With God

In William Blake’s “Reeds of Innocence”, the poet uses biblical imagery to tie together his use of literary elements and the message he conveys through his verse. Originally titled “Introduction” by Blake, the poem correctly sets the stage for a series of poems centered on religion and spirituality. Although it is not immediately apparent in the […]

Counting of the Costs of Place

Recently the Boston Globe reported on the cost of suburban living in Eric Moskowitz’s piece “Travel Swells Cost of Housing.” In the article, Moskowitz cites a study completed by the Urban Land Institute (also available on-line) about the hidden costs of living in the suburbs. While many believe that moving to suburban environs saves them money by […]

Rewoven Into The Fabric of Redemption: Section IV

Mosaic Covenant When God brings the Israelites out of Egypt 430 years after Abraham, he took them to Mount Sinai under Moses’ leadership and established a covenant with them. This covenant operated within the Abrahamic covenant but introduced a principle of works. The covenant is initially ratified in Exodus 19 – 24, but reiterated at great length […]

Biblical Metonymy in “Reeds of Innocence”

  Continued from Section II   If the Scriptures are to serve in some fundamental sense as the norm of the church’s life, as they did for the first 18 centuries of her life, then the simple insight into the "drama-like" character of the Scriptures may be important.    God's revelation was not given at one […]

Kingdom of God Part 3

Continued from Section III Section Four: Reinterpreting the Pluralist Impulse Viewing the Canon as a divinely authorized drama allows us to view the pluralist impulse in a very different light. Far from capturing the pheonomena of Scripture “as it really is”, the pluralized renderings of the Bible fail to capture the divine drama “as it really […]

Rewoven Into The Fabric of Redemption: Section III

Part 5: Covenantal Shape of Redemptive History (Continued)   Davidic Covenant. As the history of Israel continues and they settle in the Promised Land, God raises up a king for the people – King David. His greatest moment as king comes with a realization that God’s dwelling place has not been settled in the land. When David is […]

Supersizing the Last Supper

In an interesting piece for the LA Times, Melissa Healy reports on a recently released study that sought to measure the portion and plate sizes of artistic depictions of the Last Supper between the years 1000 and 2000 CE:   “In a bid to uncover the roots of super-sized American fare, a pair of sibling […]

Covenantal Shape of Redemptive History, Part 5

Continued from Part I   A Theology shaped by the Kingdom   The concept of the kingdom of God, along with its derivative forms, “the kingdom of heaven,” “the kingdom of Christ,” “the kingdom of the Lord,” “the kingdom,” and “ruler, king or kingship” etc., is an important teaching found in all of Scripture. Since the […]

‘Up in the Air’

An Aerial View of Life & the Calling of the Church The other day I finally got around to watching Jason Reitman’s film Up in the Air. (I know I should have seen it six months ago.) As many of you will know, it got the round of award nominations for most of the major performances, screenplay, […]

A Community of Witness, Part 1

Every Sunday morning, millions of Christians across the globe gather together to celebrate the event which changed the course of human history.  No other event in history has garnered such an extensive and continual gathering of its supporters.  And yet, in all of our church going, it is far too easy to lose our grasp […]