O Come O Come Emmanuel

What is “the church”? One might say it is where one attends a worship service on Sunday mornings. But recently it has become quite in vogue to deconstruct this definition. The church is not a building – rather, as Dan Kimball says, “We can’t go to church because we are the church.”1 In our consumeristic […]

Hark The Herald

Words by: Horatious Bonar Music by: Justin Ruddy Surely Christ thy griefs hath borne, Weeping soul no longer mourn: View him bleeding on the tree; Pouring out his life for thee; There thy ev’ry sin he bore, Weeping souls lament no more Weeping souls lament no more All thy crimes on him were laid, See […]

Searching for Resurrection in Dostoevsky’s The Eternal Husband

At the heart of every human search is the hope of resurrection. To live new life, to feel new feelings, to see new sights – these longings seek fulfillment in every aspect of the human experience. The prospect of resurrection is what drives us to endure the harshest suffering, to engage in the uncomfortable, to […]

The Gospel and Literature in Dialogue

This is the first in a series of articles exploring the benefits and challenges of being a thoughtful reader of narrative literature. It is no secret that people love stories. The most recent book industry data indicates that fiction and literature related books make up over 22 percent of the books published yearly, two times […]